MaxForce FC Magnum

Product #: 3-79432135

MF FC Magnum Roach Killer Gel is overall the most effective roach bait available.  MF Magnum is irresistible to normal and aberrant-feeding cockroaches.  However, consumption is not actually necessary.  Cockroaches need only to touch the bait to die.

MF FC Magnum has fastest results & best overall control.  Your customers will see results the same day.  Effective residual of up to one(1) year or until the bait is completely consumed. Low toxicity to non-targeted animals and ideal for use in sensitive areas.  10% more bait per reservoir. Better secondary kill with the exclusive domino effect.  Roaches transfer active ingredient to other roaches.

Target Pests:

American cockroaches, German cockroaches, palmetto bugs

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