Extinguish Plus 25#

Product #: 3-24560

An Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) that can be applied anywhere fire ants go.  No withdrawal period or grazing restrictions. Approved for residential turf and landscapes and much more. Complete control of fire ant colonies without colony relocation by combining (S)-Methoprene, an IGR with attractive bait that foraging fire ant workers take back to the queen.  It affects the queen’s ability to reproduce, so when existing workers die (normally within three weeks) no new workers are created.  Result – starvation-elimination.

Application sites:

Residential Turf, Parks, Zoos, Golf Courses, Roadsides, Airports, Cemeteries, School Grounds, Sports Fields, Sod Farms, Forestry Sites, Perimeter of buildings, homes, sheds, electrical and phone boxes, pump houses, commercial nurseries, including field grown and container stock crop areas.

Additional sites can be found on the Extinguish Label.

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