Cymex qt

Cymex qt

Product #: 8-NIS-Cymex

Cymex is your green solution to bed bugs.  Cymex is a borate-based liquid spray that kills bed bugs on contact.  Cymes also controls and prevents fleas, dust mites, carpet beetles and household fungus.

The active ingredient in Cymex is a borate salt.  Borate salts work by taking advantage of a feature in the biology of dust mites, fleas and other insects.  It leaves a resdual on the pests’ food sources.  They die after ingesting borate-laced dried blood (flea larvae) or borate-laced dead skin particles/scales/dander.

For bed bugs Cymex works differently.  It kills on contact by entering through the spiracles and possibly even the bed bugs intersegmental membranes.  Bed bgs cannot ingest or absorb Cymex once dry, so there is not residual effect.

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