Resolv 16#

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Resolv 16#


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Resolv soft bait is the newest innovation from Liphatech. It contains the most commonly used active ingredient, bromadiolone, in a superior, soft bait formulation.  The 12 gram pouch allows for a low cost-per-placement compared to traditional blocks.  Like a traditional block. Resolv can be quickly and securely fixed on vertical or horizontal rods, reducing the chance of translocation by the rodents.  The product allows the aroma to escape through the pouch to encourage feeding and it contains food grade oil and grains and is nut-free.  Without seeds, it reduces debris and service time.  Bittering agent is added to help avoid accidental consumption. 

Greater performance versus traditional mini block. Contains no was, enhancing palatablility and integrity, even in hot environments. Overcom resistance and bait shyness concerns of traditional baits.  Available in a 16 ob pail or a case of 2 - 8 lb pails.

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