Arilon 9.4g packs

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Arilon 9.4g packs


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Arilon offers high-performance insect control and versatility of application uses, making it the progressive way to control ants, cockroaches and other key nuisance insect pests.  Arilon is an non-repellent that offers favorable insect pest control indoors or outdoors for residential, commercial, crack and crevice and in food handling establishments. 

 Favorable control of a wide variety of nuizance insect species, including some key pests of public health importance.

Developed and approved for both indoor and outdoor application.  Provides non-repellent residual insect control in exterior enviornments that compliments quarterly service routes.  Formulation designed to specifically meet PMP needs.  Dry concentrate dissolves in water to create a low-odor, non-staining spray formulation.  Available in premeasured, bidegradable and compostable Terrene packs.

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